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Think about: if you are a smaller business enterprise owner, you could operate your small business out of your household with no acquiring to make your location glimpse like a warehouse. You also can operate like a massive business enterprise . . . without breaking your spending plan.

A coffee grinder is a must if you want the freshest tasting coffee possible. Whether you buy green coffee beans and roast a small amount at a time or buy whole coffee beans that are in a dark sealed bag, a grinder will allow you to grind the size of beans who want. Household coffee grinders have at least four or more grind settings. If you want a grind for a drip coffee maker or a percolator, you can grind the exact amount you need just before you make your coffee. You will be surprised in the quality of the taste your coffee now has over pre-ground coffee that comes in a bag.

I have a small, postage stamp sized farm, far smaller than required for economic viability. Boquete coffee from either Jaramillo or the slopes of Volcan Baru is about the best in the world. I have written about growing, picking and drying in the past. Today, with the help of my friend Richard of Finca Dos Jefes, I am going to share my initiation to roasting coffee.

There are many approaches to accomplish home roasting. You can begin with no more than a pan on your stove top. Or some people recommend a hot air popcorn popper. The two of these will enable you to roast coffee beans. However neither of them provide you the degree of control you'll need to develop a routinely successful roasting process. There are essentially two sorts of home appliances developed for roasting coffee beans -- the drum roaster, and the hot air roaster. Both deliver a more automated solution, less sloppy approach and more reliable roast.

Once you find some artisan roasters that meet your criteria, call them up and introduce yourself. Tell them what you are doing and that you'd like to have some samples to cup. Some may even invite you to the roasterie for a tour and cupping. Some will ask to do a cupping at your shop. Both are great opportunities but if I had to pick off the bat here, Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus,, I'd pick to go to the roaster that invited me to their roasterie first. You do, by the way need to see how coffee is stored and roasted, as well as the roasterie operations first hand. It is a great experience.

Body - The overall mouth feel. This is the sense of heaviness, richness, and thickness at the back of the tongue when you swish the coffee around your mouth.

Like home brewing beer, roasting coffee beans in your own home is a fast growing hobby. Because it is so enjoyable, easy, affordable, and gives you one of the best tasting cups of coffee you've ever had your should start roasting your own coffee beans today!

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